4D and 5D Modeling

4D Modeling

4D is the next level of 3D. At this level, the form of the 3D model is combined with a work schedule which will produce an animation of the work sequence according to the work schedule. Before, the work schedule only relies on Microsoft project software and cannot be visualized.

5D Modeling

5D is the combination of 4D and the project’s cost. The function of 5D BIM modeling is that the 5D model can generate quantity take off calculations to estimate detailed planning costs for an asset so that it will be similar to the project cost realization. This model is in charge of forecasting/predicting the cash flow for a project and visualizing the progress being made regarding the project. The main difference between the traditional approach and 5D BIM modeling is that the project costs are updated and modified in real time. BIM 5D modeling allows stakeholders to modify costs due to an adjustment in the project, for example due to changes in design, work methods, or other external factors.