Scan to BIM

Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) is a new technology that uses active 3D Laser Scanning System for terrestrial field data acquisition. The result can be displayed in three dimensional form. A precise, accurate, and clear data is required to create an outstanding BIM in infrastructure work.

The 3D modeling results obtained from the TLS tool have a very high accuracy. These results will provide information about the appearance as similar as possible to the existing conditions in the field for the purposes of making BIM, such as for infrastructure work, technical work, arrangement and maintenance, and also for technical documents purposes.

The expected final product of this work is to obtain 3D point clouds that depict the area around the infrastructure project. Besides that, this 3D laser scanning mapping results in a classification of point clouds data that can be presented in the form of walkthrough videos, mesh data, and contours of the topography of the project area.