VDC (Virtual Digital Construction)

VDC is an integrated multi-disciplinary performance model management process from Design-Construction projects, including products (facilities), work processes, the organization, and organization of design-construction teams, as well as operational teams that support explicit and general objectives of a business objective (construction). The core concept in VDC is the space-time dimension. There are two dimensions used, namely three dimensions in the form of space and the fourth dimension in the form of time. There are additional dimensions of cost and quality, but the core is formed by these four. The four dimensions were first understood by Vitruvi as the importance of perspective (3D) and time (4D).

Products based on VDC as follows :

  1. 4D & 5D BIM modeling work methods
  2. Analysis modeling BIM 6D
  3. Visualization Method
  4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality