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Welcome to GeoBIM Indonesia, your ultimate partner in the digital construction realm. Where precision meets efficiency, we stand as the embodiment of modern construction methodologies driven by digital intelligence.


Years of service


Years of service

Our mission

At the heart of GeoBIM Indonesia lies our vision: to ascend as Indonesia’s premier BIM service provider. Our mission encapsulates the synthesis of trust, innovative BIM technology, and our contribution to monumental national projects.

Driven by Integrity, our workforce carries the torch of responsibility, honesty, and discipline, not merely for reputation but as an integral part of their identity. Our growth is the sail that catches the winds of technological advancement, propelling our team to adapt and evolve, guaranteeing that our deliverables surpass client expectations.

Our Values


At GeoBIM, integrity is our cornerstone. We uphold transparency, honesty, and respect in every interaction and decision. Our commitment to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, establishes a foundation of trust that empowers our clients, inspires our team, and ensures the sustainability of our operations. We don't just aim to meet your expectations; we strive to exceed them, responsibly.


Growth is the lifeblood of GeoBIM. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and knowledge-sharing, understanding that the path to excellence is a journey, not a destination. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in GeoBIM technologies propels us forward, motivates our team, and delivers cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We grow because we believe the best can always be better.

Good Attitude

At the heart of GeoBIM is a good attitude—our secret ingredient for creating a positive, inclusive, and dynamic work environment. We believe that positivity is contagious and that collaboration breeds success. By approaching challenges with enthusiasm, maintaining an open mind, and valuing diverse perspectives, we build resilient teams capable of conquering any obstacle. Together, we achieve more.

Our journey


PT GeoBIM was established to collaborate on projects

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PT GSPI formed a holding company under the name Madhava Persada Group


It changed to PT Geo Survey Persada Indonesia (GSPI)

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CV Geo Survey Persada Indonesia (GSPI) was established

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Eagerly building technology innovations

GeoBIM Indonesia offers a suite of services that span the full spectrum of GeoBIM solutions. From initial data acquisition by seasoned surveyors to the competent hands of our trained, certified engineers, we deliver with an unmatched fervor for precision. One Stop BIM Solution is not just a slogan; it is our promise for a scheduled, communicative, and risk-averse work environment that accelerates project fruition.